Montgomery County Weather

Houston, Sugarland, The Woodlands, and Conroe, the country seat, are some of the better known areas comprising Montgomery County, Texas. The county population is roughly 456,000 as of 2015, with the majority of the population being Caucasian, followed by those of Hispanic descent. Although the mean cost of housing is slightly more expensive than the Texas state average, people are willing to pay a bit more to live in this appealing, rather mild climate.

Weather North of the Bay

While the northern part of Texas is subjected to foul weather such as ice storms in the winter, extremely hot summers, and tornadoes the rest of the year, Montgomery County enjoys a much more temperate conditions. Although only a few hours from the Dallas area, the climates could not be more different. While the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex is driving through icy conditions all winter, Montgomery County’s average January temperature hovers just above 50 degrees, approximately 3 degrees higher than the state average. This trend continues throughout most of the year, until the arrival of summer, when the mean temperatures between Montgomery County and the rest of Texas become just about even, reaching slightly above 80 degrees.

Of course, we must remember we are discussing the “mean” temperatures, here. As a rule, summers in Montgomery County are warm and humid, mimicking a tropical climate in the warmest months. In fact, Houston’s temperate climate supports tropical vegetation, promoting a jungle-like feel. Actual temperatures can climb well into the 90’s, and feel hotter due to the muggy weather. The summer months are perfect for those who enjoy spending long days at the swimming pool, sipping cold drinks and soaking up the sun.

The truth is, Montgomery County weather provides an enviable lifestyle for anyone who enjoys spending time participating in outdoor activities any time of year. With an average of fewer than 20 days of freezing temperatures per year, there is no excuse for the county’s residents not to lead an active lifestyle. In fact, the only justification one might have for being a couch potato now and then, is the amount of precipitation.

Not to say Montgomery County has an excess of rain, but it is a bit above the Texas average. Of course, keep in mind that Texas does include west Texas, meaning the high desert terrain of El Paso, which receives next to no rainfall. That said, the mean precipitation of Montgomery County does also fall a bit above the rest of the nation’s average, especially during the spring and fall months. Hurricanes do occur once in a while, and storms which cause flooding do pass through that part of the country now and then. Typically, such storms do minimal damage, and do not come with the same severity as the hurricanes farther to the south, nor the tornadoes to the north. Residents believe these storms are a small price to pay for the joy of never having to shovel snow!

Overall, Montgomery County Weather is pleasantly temperate most of the year, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the many outdoor activities the area has to offer. Due to reasonably priced housing and no state income tax, Texas has historically been a desirable place to live. Compared to the rest of the state, and even the nation, Montgomery County provides a wonderful climate, making it a favorite area to settle for many.


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